Re: NVDA restarts when I go to Github page from Run dialog

Rui Fontes

Curiously, if you use:

it works properly...

Without the "https://" NVDA restarts, and my default browser is Chrome...

Rui Fontes

Às 18:45 de 28/01/2020, Nicolai Svendsen escreveu:



Just to summarize, so everyone is on point:


As I originally stated, both in the subject line and original post, entering into the run dialog box, certainly using Win+R, causes NVDA to restart as if I had just entered nvdaa instead. It ignores everything else except nvdaa. This is the only application where this happens. Appending a second a after nvdaa causes the default browser to launch, showing the URL as So, the only case where it ignores the entire address is when nvdaa is entered following the / (slash), but anything else appended to nvdaa causes the entire entry to be recognized properly, with the URL obviously being incorrect then.


It doesn’t matter which browser is the default one. Just for the sake of humor, I did this using Microsoft edge Beta, Microsoft Edge, Google Crome, Mozilla Firefox and even Internet Explorer as default browsers. Nothing visually happens on screen. You’re just bounced back to the desktop, the dialog closes, and NVDA restarts. It also does not matter whether NVDA is already running or not when doing this. It turns out that NVDA launches regardless, even if you exit the application, right click the start button, click “Run”, then enter in


Also, it doesn’t have to be that particular addressor any address at all. As long as it ends with /nvdaa, it does this. Apparently, even if it is thisissuperweird/nvdaa or stopdoingthis/nvda.


Maybe that last one is a clue to somebody. If it isn’t, I’ll probably figure it out tomorrow when I get back to work and have multiple configurations to test and modify that isn’t my own. I reiterate that this only happens with NVDA, and no other application so far. Windows rightly doesn’t recognize thisissuperweird followed by anything else after a  (slash), except if it is nvdaa, no matter what it is I enter before it.


I don’t think I can make that any clearer or long-winded.






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Fra: Sarah k Alawami
Sendt: 28. januar 2020 18:56
Emne: Re: [nvda] NVDA restarts when I go to Github page from Run dialog


No, as clearly stated, he is typing the whole address. Nvda appears to restart. Have you tired this with edge, or firefox? I believe you said you did this with chrome. Can you try whit with the control l, then typing in that address you gave? Also can you screen record this behavior so we may take a look at it? You can upload it to keybase or something so those of us with sight can look.

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On 28 Jan 2020, at 9:54, Gene wrote:

We need to be clear about what you are doing.  Are you talking about the run dialog, Windows key being held and r or the start menu search, press the windows key, then type something.  None of the behavior you are describing matches the run dialog.  Typing NVDA should produce an error message because you haven't typed the path to the folder containing the executable first.  Typing NVDAA should also present an error message.  Using the start menu may produce the results you are describing if you type something and the first result is something you want and you press enter on it. 


As I said, you are running the NVDA executable, which I strongly suspect you are running from the start menu search.



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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA restarts when I go to Github page from Run dialog


You are running the NVDA exe file again.  NVDA is restarting.  NVDAA isn't running the exe file, though I don't seee why the browser would open, that isn't any sort of web site address.



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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA restarts when I go to Github page from Run dialog


Hello Brian,


I have used both Firefox and Google Chrome for this. At first I thought it was getting cut off as well, since NVDA will restart if you only type nvda into the run dialog, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. If I type nvdaa instead of nvdaa, it doesn’t restart, but goes on to open the browser with the corresponding webpage address. If I enter nvda instead, NVDA just restarts and nothing else happens. It only happens with NVDA, and no other applications that can be launched from the run dialog box.


So this is kind of bizarre. I’m not really sure why this would occur at all. I’ve never had trouble actually doing this before.




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Fra: Brian Vogel
Sendt: 28. januar 2020 17:38
Emne: Re: [nvda] NVDA restarts when I go to Github page from Run dialog



          What web browser is set as your default?   It would be worth testing to see if this might somehow be linked to the browser being used, as odd as that might seem.

           The more you can narrow this down to a specific set of circumstances the better.

           I can imagine NVDA shutting down if the only thing being seen in the run dialog were to be NVDA.  Are you absolutely, positively certain that the entire URL was there?


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