Re: Nvda start up question

Quentin Christensen

When the computer starts up, it is quite busy and there is a high load on RAM, CPU and storage.  It sounds like it is loading NVDA and then trying to do other things which are causing problems - if it all sorts itself out after a few seconds, it's probably not a serious issue aside from the sound being annoying.  The main things you could do to address it (short of buying whole faster PC) would be:

- If you are using a traditional HDD Hard Drive, switch to an SSD which can be up to ten times faster.
- Add more RAM to your PC
- Reduce the number of programs running at startup
- Ensure your drivers for your system, particularly audio and video drivers, are up to date.

WIth the last two options obviously being the cheapest.


On Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 12:59 PM Hugin <blaisegellert@...> wrote:
I have nvda on a new laptop and a few times upon start up nvda has stuttered and or paused while the computer makes a sort of buzzing sound.Only at start up and not until nvda is starting up so has anyone else had this and is it some setting I need to fix or what? It has only gotten hung once when reading something there it seemed stuck but otherwise at start up.
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