Re: Nvda start up question


Thanks. I'll try that if it does it again, I am saving this email and thank you. After you mentioned not having so many programs starting up at once, something told e to go look and stupid cortana started itself back up again (I had disabled it) and bing is on though I can't find the stupid thing and I'm looking up now how to find where windows hid it so I can make it stop as well as I use chrome. I get that this has nothing to do with nvda, but I am replying to my original nvda issue to say you may have been right about the too much at start up due to the fact things wer running that I did not have on or intend to be running.My windows 10 likes to undo things I do. *sighs* So missing 7. Anyway, again I'll do this if after those go away again it happens again and thanks so much.
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