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To be honest I was going to answer this message, and got as far as typing in all my solutions.

Autoplay was one issue.

Then codecs but then windows would be fine with that usually.

Then I thought it could be a mangled windows at which point I simply stopped and discarded my message because I didn't know enough based on the information I had.

The only actual scenario came while upgrading one of the workstations here with windows and doing a reinstall on the request of the user.

One of the older bits of software caused windows to corrupt itself and I had to reset the pc to get it all working.

It happened 5 times.

I was able to get round that situation by physically destroying/throwing away 5 outdated software packages, however I was upgrading the system, had been asked to reformat, and take inventory of software.

We were throwing out a lot of older software and I had programs to replace the solution with.

The software was and had been on the cards for recycling for the last 2 years due to its age.

I realise not everyone is that lucky.

On 25/01/2020 12:52 pm, Arlene wrote:

I’ll say no more. Yes when you do play cds on windows ten. You have to go to auto play.  Its in control panel as it always is.


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This should be in the chat group.  So, for respect for list rules, I won't reply further here.


You may be referring to autoplay, where CDs play automatically when you insert them.

I'd have to check to see how that is done.  I also don't know if the interface is the same for Windows 10 as for Windows 7.

But if you go to the CD drive in this computer or file explorer, then just press enter on the drive, an audio CD will play.



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my see dees will not play how? do I get my c d's to play do I go
2controle pannal then settings?


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