Re: Web Capture

Chikodinaka mr. Oguledo

send me a link if u find something on captcha

On 1/29/20, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
To be honest the latest version of google recapcha works well.

It seems to take bits from speeches and computer conferences and you
repeat spaciffic words.

Its been quite stable to.

There are a few sites being stupid, but not as many now days.

The volume of sites needing recaptcha has dropped probably because of
2step authentication.

On 26/01/2020 6:32 pm, Andrea Sherry wrote:
Something that is NVDA friendly and will read those pesky things which
you are expected to enter as a response on a webpage to prove you are
a genuine person and not some form of robot.
There was once something called Rumola or some such.
One of the major probs is that the capture graphic or whatever it is
only inhabits the screen for a short time.
Any ideas?


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