Re: nvda in safe mode

Martin McCormick

I have all the stuff to do real backups in route which
does no good this time but one of the things is a 1 TB drive to
match the 1 TB drive in the system. I hope to use Linux to make
a bit-perfect copy of the damaged drive which I can then safely
play with and see what I can get back.

The deletion occurred in my home directory as me so the
fire didn't spread to the OS or I'd just completely start over as
there are no valuable archives anywhere. Folders such as
Documents, Music, videos, etc were all empty even before the

The problem is that at least 1 file is what tells the OS
where my home directory is.

Anyway, if I get anything back, it belongs in
C:\users\martin and nowhere else.

The truth is one should start a backup schedule about 1
minute after we create our account. This poor dead horse has
been well-beaten.

If there is a command to reset one's account that checks
and repairs, that would fix everything.

On this list, I mainly wanted to see if nvda would run in
safe mode and it looks like one needs to monkey with the registry
for that to happen. I like that idea about as much as I'd like a
case of typhoid.

In the hardware world of computers, there's an expression
when one messes around long enough and renders something totally
inoperative. That person is said to have bricked the device. It
now does nothing but maybe get warm.

I can count on one hand the number of important files I
put there before blowing it up.

Right now, nvda still works fine. Browsers work. My
login works and the only odd thing is the system doesn't know
what my home directory should be even though it is there.

Thank you for responding.

"Shaun Everiss" <@smeveriss> writes:

If you have backups I'd just make another account and delete the older

I have had such programs before.

The best way to execute such programs is to put the files in the intended
path, and run it there and never a root folder.

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