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Pressing enter has nothing to do with selecting a device in a standard list, or selecting a file or anything else.  Pressing enter executes a left click on the chosen item.  You are in a dialog with a list.  You select the item by arrowing to it and then you tab around the dialog.  Its selecting the item that causes the dialog to show relevant controls or whatever else is provided for. 
I don't know if you can use space to select an item in Windows 10 in the list or equivalent list we are discussing.  You can't in Windows 7.  You must use the up and down arrow keys. 

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In this case, when you select by using the up or down arrow? Do you hit the enter key so that your device is chosen? I did this when I got my ten box. I don’t remember doing this with windows 7.  I don’t know why I did not hit the space bar when choosing a device. I just hit enter and the device was chosen.  


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When you say choose your device, it would be good to say after that to up or down arrow to select a device, even if there is only one.  That is, if it is that way in Windows 10.  In Windows 7, even if there is only one device, you have to up or down arrow to select it.  The space bar doesn't work and if nothing is selected, there is nothing but an o.k. button.



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if it is the sound enhancements doing it one of the tutorials I have not
posted yet might help it is a draft where to look.

Disabling sound enhancements in Windows

Sometimes when there is an update for Windows, you may hear a buzzing
sound (and other strange noises) from the computer while using NVDA.

If this is the case, you will need to turn off sound enhancements in
Windows for your sound card. The steps to turn it off may be similar for
other Windows 10 computers.

Press the Windows key, and in the search box type sound settings. When
it comes up with this result, press the Enter key. The first option
might say Choose your output device Speakers (High Definition Audio
Device). Next, tab once to device properties, then press the Enter key.
The next screen that comes up will say home. If you tab about 7 times
you will then hear NVDA say Additional device properties. Press the
enter key.

The next screen should come up with speaker properties. Shift tab back
once or twice - until you hear NVDA say General. There are 5 tabs there.
Use your right arrow key to get to the enhancements tab, then tab a
couple of times until you hear NVDA say Disable all enhancements. This
should be a check box. Please note, in some cases, after you tab once
(after the enhancements tab) you might need to arrow down or tab to
locate the disable all enhancements checkbox. You will hear other stuff
for the sound card being spoken out, but they can be left unchecked. You
will need to tab to hear the "disable enhancements" checkbox if you
arrowed down the list of enhancements and check the checkbox with the
Spacebar. You will then need to apply and ok your changes with the Spacebar.

Now, those weird buzzing sounds etcetera should be gone!

Gene nz

On 30/01/2020 11:00 am, Kevin Cussick via Groups.Io wrote:
> Hi, check You sound card settings,  some have some sort of advance
> sound I had problems years ago with this and switched all the fancy
> stuff off and this fixed it. I am not sure where to look as As I say
> it was years ago.
> On 29/01/2020 05:15, Hugin wrote:
>> Thanks. I'll try that if it does it again, I am saving this email and
>> thank you. After you mentioned not having so many programs starting
>> up at once, something told e to go look and stupid cortana started
>> itself back up again (I had disabled it) and bing is on though I
>> can't find the stupid thing and I'm looking up now how to find where
>> windows hid it so I can make it stop as well as I use chrome. I get
>> that this has nothing to do with nvda, but I am replying to my
>> original nvda issue to say you may have been right about the too much
>> at start up due to the fact things wer running that I did not have on
>> or intend to be running.My windows 10 likes to undo things I do.
>> *sighs* So missing 7. Anyway, again I'll do this if after those go
>> away again it happens again and thanks so much.
>> I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed.
>> I get along with the voices inside of my head.


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