Re: NVDA 2019.3 Beta 3 now available

Ralf Kefferpuetz

Found the problem at my end. Disabling following addon did the trick:

Speech history review and copying; Status: Enabled; Version: 2019.03.30; Author: Tyler Spivey, James Scholes 28 of 38


From: <> On Behalf Of Ralf Kefferpuetz
Sent: Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2020 09:47
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA 2019.3 Beta 3 now available


Hi Quentin,

Reading by character stopped for me in this version as well as in any alpha version newer than 28th Jan.





From: <> On Behalf Of Quentin Christensen
Sent: Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2020 01:49
Subject: [nvda] NVDA 2019.3 Beta 3 now available


Hi everyone,


As you are all quick off the mark, this isn't completely new news, but confirming that yes, NVDA 2019.3 beta 3 is now available from: 


This is slight progression from the previous beta so you shouldn't notice too many big changes - of course as always happens, as we move closer to the final release, we don't put as many big new features in, but rather try to ensure that everything is stable and fix bugs people have reported in previous betas.


If you do encounter any issues, please do report them:  If you could also clarify whether they are new issues or existing issues (which hadn't previously been reported) that would be really helpful - both are important to know about, but being able to pinpoint when something started being an issue helps narrow down where to look for a fix.


All things going well, this will be the last beta before the release candidate, which will be just before the final stable release.


Kind regards





Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager


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