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A perfect example of what happens when people don't quote previous material and don't indicate what they are talking about.  It is not possible to know what the below message is referring to nor whose message is being responded to.  Is it me?  Is it someone else that explained something? 
I see exactly the same problem on another list where one or two people don't quote material and don't indicate what they are referring to. 
If people are going to not quote previous material, they have to be aware that they must make clear what they are referring to in their messages. 
Perhaps since the list hasn't received one message from even one list member on a metered account approving the suggested change, that may mean that the reason given for initially making this change is not important to such users.  It may also mean that such users just haven't responded yet but it's interesting that almost twelve hours have gone by without one such response.

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Hmmm, seems like a good explanation.

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