Re: Microsoft Outlook unresponsive after changing folders with conversation view

Jason White

In this case, it seems to be screen reader-related. I discovered whilst experimenting with it last year that terminating the screen reader before selecting the new folder, then re-enabling the screen reader, avoided the unresponsive behaviour.


By “unresponsive” I mean that it produces a “program has stopped responding” message, and that Microsoft Outlook must be restarted.


Incidentally, turning off Focus Inbox didn’t help, but it turned out to be desirable for other reasons.


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Hmmm I have not had the same scenario but I have had times when office has become unresponsive.

Do an quick repair and if that doesn't work an online repair.

After which you need to activate office again, then download and install all updates.

Office may become a bit screwed.

If that happens after that though it could be a sync issue.

Go and search for speedtest cli, and get the command line app and extract it.

run on a wired connection if possible, speedtest -p = no to force it to not display progress.

At least I think thats the command if not read the readme attached.

After you do that check it against your 2g and 5g wireless connections if you have either or both of these.

Not taking into account net congestion, on a standard fibre connection a speed of 20mb up between 16 and 20 up and 90-108 is good.

A 5g connection will be as fast as your cable usually.

In 2g between 14 and 20mb up and between 70-95 is probably good.

Note that with 5g the isp may halve the connection so 50mb down may be the best you will get.

If wireless broadband your connection will be between 50mb down and 80 down and between 20 and 30 up most of the time.

If vdsl, 15 -19 down and 1.2 up is fine and about average and so on and so on.

For adsl/vdsl, if your upload =800kb up and 5mb down or a weird value your line is screwed.

If mobile broadband then congestion.

Fibre shouldn't have this issue as such.

But in any case talk to your isp if you are having speed issues.

Also if your modem is managed by the isp ask to see if there are any pending updates.

And before people ask why I know so much I have had up to recently anyway had a lot of trouble with my lines.

I have also done a lot of router and fibre setups for family and myself.

I'd check drivers and bios on the computer and network card to though windows will usually keep that updated and recent computer makers seem to do a good job to.

Note if you have a phone it usually is the first to sync, apple and android and pc in that order.



On 30/01/2020 1:05 pm, Jason White via Groups.Io wrote:

Has anyone else here encountered the following? I’ve experienced it with several versions of NVDA, including the current version, and with JAWS as well, so it could well be an Outlook issue.


Under Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 (including the current Monthly Channel Targeted release), if I have conversation view enabled and then switch to a different folder, Outlook becomes unresponsive and must be closed or restarted. This only seems to happen while switching o an IMAP folder, not one of my Microsoft Exchange folders.


I would be interested to know whether others can reproduce.


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