Re: Page numbers in microsoft word 365 desktop client

Jason White

I think you have to insert a section break after the front matter, then change the numbering style to Roman numerals for those pages.

However, I can't give more specifics, as I don't use Microsoft Word a lot. For serious writing, it's LaTeX as a matter of preference.

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Using nvda, with microsoft word 365 installed on windows 10. Now, normally if we open a document, the first will be page one. Nvda also said that. Imagine a large document containing many pages.

now, if we want to change it, like for example we want the first 3 pages are page I, II and III, and then the 4th page is numbered 1, and it continues from there. I did go to the insert -> page numbers, and successfully played with that so that if i go to the top of the file it will say page number 2 instead of 1, meaning i changed the starting page. But i cannot get it work the way i want as described. Normally the main content started after table of contents, then maybe the next page is the appreciation thing so not yet page one, then after that only the content or the first chapter, for example, begins so it is numbered as page 1.

Also, does the page number that nvda say when we press ctrl+page up or down is the same as what appeared on the screen. If we insert the page number, doesnt matter where, it could be top or bottom of the page, can we use the arrow keys to get to the page number? I tried but not found where it is, but nvda says it is page 2 page 3 etc.


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