Re: NVDA 2019.3 RC 2 is released

Betsy Grenevitch

Voice boost put it too fast for me. Thanks for the suggestion though. I will adjust as time goes on.

On 2/4/2020 2:50 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Did you turn voice boost? If not, turn that on and try it again. I have danie. Or what ever the canada voice is at 40 percent with voice boost on.

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On 4 Feb 2020, at 11:46, Betsy Grenevitch wrote:

I forgot to ask one more question. I notice with the speech synthesizer I am using I cannot get it to go as fast as I did with Eloquence. I have it at 100 per cent but it is still not as fast as Eloquence was. If I keep this synthesizer is there some way to work around this. The boost rate option is way too fast for me even at the slowest rate.


On 2/4/2020 2:42 PM, Chikodinaka mr. Oguledo wrote:

I need the link 2somemthaaSomemantha for the new NVDA I will loos my
eliqwence I want 2have e t I eliqwence and somemantha please for the
new NVDA. I
I tried the cannidate it works fine. I don't no about upgrating NVDA
yet I will loos some addons or all add ons or voices whut do I do I
love NVDA Please do a NVDA podcast about NVDA nv access and whats
next.. I love my screenreader NVDA!

On 2/4/20, Betsy Grenevitch blindangel61@... wrote:

I just took the time and updated to the latest for NVDA. Everything
seems to be working well. I miss Eloquence and wish it could have
remained but am getting used to David. He sounds decent. Thank you for
making the installation so easy for a novice such as myself. I would
like to thank all those who work on keeping NVDA so easy for us to use.
Please make sure everyone involved gets my thanks.

On 2/4/2020 4:42 AM, Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:


I downloaded and installed the RC and I am very pleased so far. The
licence agreement at the start and the automatic speech was very
impressive. I actually listened to the whole agreement!

I had not seen the speech control and selection before so this looks new
to me. It gives so many choices that it should be possible for a
comfortable voice to be found. I prefer Eloquence and had been running the
add-on up to now. I have achieved almost the same voice that I am used to
so I'll see how that settles down for my ear!

Congratulations to the whole team and thanks for all the hard work.

All the best,


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Betsy Grenevitch

Betsy Grenevitch

Betsy Grenevitch

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