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Hmmm, to be honest compaired to the range of voices, the 70 dollar cost for the vocaliser and eloquence addon is fine for what they are.

For sapi eloquence is 70 dollars and for vocaliser its 115.

I remind all users thats for every language and voice if you buy via atguys at least.

If you want something a bit better or performance based the orpheus voice high quality can be nice though a bit low volume, search for orpheus on the net.

But if you want to be all nostelgic, the old orpheus voice from miridian1 sounds like at least in synth mode like the older gemini or juno synths from dolphin computer access or dolphin oceanic back then.

They also can run quite fast.

If you want something a bit better maxiaids does have at least on its books the neospeech paul and kate voices from 2011.

These are 116 dollars us.

Everything else can be gotten from nextup for 35 bucks a voice.

Cereproc has 25 dollars per voice and 10 dollars for novelty voices.

But its per voice not a lot.

Readspeaker which was neospeech offers a subscription for about 300 dollars a sapi voice because of quality.

The realspeak original version sapi voices are still about.

Rh voice on github has a sapi voice and its ok.

On windows their speech platform while having a few shortcomings at least is clear.

If none of these works, email enablerehab@..., and pay what you want for the dectalk sapi voices.

You will get varying volumes, but if you don't want to pay for a voice and still want eloquence like voices this is as close as you can probably get.

Of course thats officially, if you want eloquence unoficial version, we can't stop you getting it.

But obviously you can't get official support for it, you can't in fact do anythhing with it on this list, but you could unofficially make it python3 ready if you want you just can never have it officially recognised ever!

Somewhere there is if you really are that sad the old flite voice but its really bad sounding.

Finally as long as it doesn't crash there is speechhub but I was never impressed with it and its performance and now I have eloquence and vocaliser official as well as orpheus 3+ I have probably enough voices right at this moment.

Later on I may buy neospeech from maxiaids, and if I still want voices later on I may buy the acapella voices but I think I am almost done with voices for now.

One can have to many voices to be bothered with eventually anyway.

On 5/02/2020 5:01 pm, Arlene wrote:

! I’d love a free lunch! Lol! How much does the Somantha voice cost?  I don’t mind the voices that NVDA comes with.  I’d like to try the Somantha voice. How much does it cost to get some of the other voices? 


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Sorry, buddy, but if you want those voices, you have to buy them. Like I said, there's no such thing as a free lunch.




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I need the link 2somemthaaSomemantha for the new NVDA I will loos my eliqwence I want 2have e t I eliqwence and somemantha please for the new NVDA. I I tried the cannidate it works fine. I don't no about upgrating NVDA yet I will loos some addons or all add ons or voices whut do I do I love NVDA Please do a NVDA podcast about NVDA nv access and whats next.. I love my screenreader NVDA!


On 2/4/20, Betsy Grenevitch <blindangel61@...> wrote:

> I just took the time and updated to the latest for NVDA. Everything

> seems to be working well. I miss Eloquence and wish it could have

> remained but am getting used to David. He sounds decent. Thank you for

> making the installation so easy for a novice such as myself. I would

> like to thank all those who work on keeping NVDA so easy for us to use.

> Please make sure everyone involved gets my thanks.

> On 2/4/2020 4:42 AM, Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:

>> Quentin,


>> I downloaded and installed the RC and I am very pleased so far. The

>> licence agreement at the start and the automatic speech was very

>> impressive. I actually listened to the whole agreement!


>> I had not seen the speech control and selection before so this looks

>> new to me. It gives so many choices that it should be possible for a

>> comfortable voice to be found. I prefer Eloquence and had been

>> running the add-on up to now. I have achieved almost the same voice

>> that I am used to so I'll see how that settles down for my ear!


>> Congratulations to the whole team and thanks for all the hard work.


>> All the best,


>> Cearbhall


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