Re: Tiflotecnia's Vocalizer wanting to verify the license with new version?

Simone Dal Maso

if I have to be honest, I'm desperate about just this thing!
I wish that day would never come.
From what I understand, it is necessary to cancel the old activation,
update NVDA and the Vocalizer driver and then reactivate it.
I really hope that things have improved, because if the license is not
renewed automatically, I foresee a disaster. There are many elderly
people who have no idea of ​​their credentials, as long as the
computer speaks. Set it up once and away.
Over the years someone has certainly lost the data, in short, I really
pray to Rui Fontes and the developers

to make renewal of the license as simple as possible.
ps: this message is translated on fly with google translate, hope it is clear.

2020-02-04 17:45 GMT+01:00, Gerardo Corripio <gera1027@...>:

I’ve several Spanish-speaking friends with legal Tiflotecnia Vocalizer
voices, who when they want to upgrade their’s, it with NVDA2019.3 RC, a
dialogue about verifying license pops up, and I worry that it’ll happen here
at my end when the time comes to upgrade! What is recommended if this

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Simone Dal Maso

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