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Because there's nothing in the url indicating a region-specific issue, I'm thinking this has to do with your personal Google settings (top left of Google homepage). First of all, make sure you're not signed in to someone else's account (top right of Google homepage).

Once you're logged in as yourself, or logged out entirely, here's a link directly to the settings page: 

In this settings menu the 8th and 9th headings could be causing your issue: "language in Google products" and "Language of search results". 

The 8th heading "Language in Google Products" contains a single-selection drop down menu that should list each language's name in the script of it's own language, so make sure you can display utf-8 characters.

The 9th heading "language of search results" contains a list of selected languages followed by a drop down menu, it might be listing the troublesome language with an "x" to the right. Add any languages you would like to search in by using the single-selection drop down menu below the list of languages, and remove any languages you don't understand by clicking the "x" to the right of the language, click save. 

If nothing's changed after saving the language change, clear your Google cookies (or all cookies) and your browser cache.

Most of the headings have info buttons to the right of the heading that takes you to the help page for that heading, but feel free to contact me if it's not helpful, or if i didn't solve your problem.

On Tue, Feb 4, 2020, 9:39 PM Ibrahim Ajayi <kobisko@...> wrote:
Hi good people:
I'm having an unusual problem with google search.  The problem started
When I type a search query in to the google search box, either using
my gmail page, or the other search box on Google, And tab to the
search the web button, the results page that opens, now opens in a
language I don't understand.  The language is not English.
Please has anyone ever had this problem? how did you resolve it.
I've done a copy of a link to a results page I got.
Hope to get some help.

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