My presentation and experience with NVDA

CARLOS-ESTEBAN <carlosestebanpianista@...>

Hello, NVDA users and developers!

My name is Carlos Esteban Martinez Macias. I am a blind person, i am from Ecuador and i am 14 years old.

I use NVDA from the year 2012. In my opinion, is a very good screen reader.

Also, i am a contributor in the spanish comunity of NVDA. I writ various articles in the web site of the spanish comunity (, for example, a tutorial about how change the sounds of NVDA for start, exit, focus mode or brouse mode. Other tutorial is about how read subtitles with the program Pot Player and NVDA with an option of accessibility of this player.

In a future, i go to translate my tutorials to english.

The transition of NVDA from Python 2.7 to Python 3 is, for me, a good change, and necessary.


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