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Well for voices they are quite good.

There are issues with speed etc but yeah, they are a lot better than the old microsoft sam mary and mike voices, and certainly a lot better than anna.

It does help you can load all languages independant of language via narator voice.

It even has brltty support via brltty to be installable.

On 6/02/2020 12:34 pm, Arlene wrote:

Well I’ll be! Windows ten has its own voices for NVDA?  I actually like them.  They’re not all that bad if you don’t mind me saying so! 


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We don't know which voice it was.  Have you been using Eloquence?  If you want to use it, you can use a demo that runs for seven days.  You can then purchase it or not, as you wish.  There are a lot of free voices.  It appears you are not using Windows 10.  Windows 10 uses its own voices with NVDA by default that many people like.  If you are using E-Speak, the default voice not in Windows 10, you may well want to try other voices.  There are lots of free voices but, in the area of synthesized speech, if you pay nothing, you get poor quality.  it takes a very specialized team of experts to create good voices. 


You may find and try whatever free voices you wish or demo voices here:


Download the voice, it usually is an add-on.

Use the command NVDA key n, by default, either insert is the NVDA key.  A menu will open.

Down arrow to tools and press enter.

Down arrow to Manage Add-ons and press enter.

A dialog opens.

Tab to the install button and press the space bar.

An open dialog will open.

Find the add-on, as you find a file you wich to open in a standard open dialog.  If you need more information, ask.

When you find the add-on, press enter and you will be asked if you wish to install it.  answer yes.

After it installs, you will be asked if you want to restart NVDA.  Use the appropriate button, I don't recall what it says.

NVDA will restart.

Switch to the synthesizer by issuing the command control insert s.  Find what you want in the list and press enter.  If you don't find it, ask here.


Press escape if you want to close the dialog without doing anything.  I'll tell you how to adjust the speed of the voice and make other changes in a later message, after you get the voice installed.


Also, before you do any of this, I would recommend changing the following setting to keep you from accidentally saving settings you don't want to save when you are just trying them out.  Set NVDA not to automatically save settings on exit.  That way, you can return to the old settings unless you want to save the new ones.  To do this, with NVDA running, use the command control insert g.  You may use either insert.

Tab, perhaps just once, to a check box that says save settings on exit.  It is checked.  Uncheck it with the space bar, then press enter  The dialog will close. 


Now, if you change settings and you want to save them, use the command control insert c.  If you don't use this command, when you close NVDA and start it again, all the old settings will be used.

Use the command after you press enter.  In other words, uncheck the check box with the space bar, press enter, issue the command control insert c.  You will hear "Configuration saved," spoken.  You have just saved the setting you made. 



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Good afternoon all,
My name is Connie.
My son and I downloaded NVDA yesterday.  I thought we had saved a voice I
liked and could understand.  Unfortunately we didn't.  Could I have
assistance getting the voice back I can understand please?  I need step by
step directions as I'm not familiar with this screen reader. Thank you in
advance for your responses.


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