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Hi Connie

is it his first time using a screen reader? as most people who are screen reader users do not use a mouse and navigate the computer differently.

Using the tab and shift tab keys, arrow keys the alt keys etc

The best place to start if he is a new screen reader user as not used one before is up on the web site given is a page called nvda tutorials learning the basics and will help in what to do.

I forgot to say also when you use the nvda key + letter N under the help section then user guide is where they would find shortcuts for both desk top and lap top users.

There is alot of info on the web site both in written and audio that will help in learning nvda.

Gene nz

On 6/02/2020 1:40 pm, Connie Mohney wrote:

Thank you very much Gene. Your information is very helpful. I have created a NVDA folder so I can refer to it later if I need to.

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Hi Connie

I am guessing nvda has been installed to your computer so when you
downloaded the file and clicked on it you chose the first option to
install to your computer.

If you have not used nvda before it is the alt key + ctrl key + the
letter N to start your copy of nvda.

To get into your preferences of nvda where you can make changes like
speed etc use the nvda key + the letter N

To quit your copy of nvda use the nvda key + the letter Q

If nvda is running you can quickly get to the voice settings by useing
the following keys combo nvda key + ctrl key + the letter V

The first option will be for the synth package under windows 10 the
default is e speak and windows 10 default is windows one core voices.
There is a change button just under neath cclick on it it is a combo box
and see what is there if one core is there pick it It will then default
back to the menu and you can then go down the list like voice you can
pick a voice it is a combo box again but it will be on the package how
many there are there.

Pick one that is nice to listen to.

There other option under that will be speed it is a slider use the left
and right arrow keys to speed up or slow down nvda The left arrow keys
is slower and the right is faster.

You can then go down to apply and ok button and click on them.

You might as well see under the synths section what other packages are
there you might like but it will be the section under neath on the voice
settings where you can hear some of those voices.

Any how if you are interested I have put together a website called which can be found at

It will help you to use nvda this is more for a desk top user as most
people are.

By the way I forgot to mention the nvda key depending which one you
chose can be the insert key, the extended insert key or the caps lock
key. Use one that you chose say to quit nvda for example insert key +
the letter Q.

hope this helps

Gene nz

On 6/02/2020 8:54 am, Connie Mohney wrote:
Good afternoon all,
My name is Connie.
My son and I downloaded NVDA yesterday. I thought we had saved a voice I
liked and could understand. Unfortunately we didn't. Could I have
assistance getting the voice back I can understand please? I need step by
step directions as I'm not familiar with this screen reader. Thank you in
advance for your responses.

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