Re: Issue With NVDA 2019 RC 2 When Computer Boots

Cearbhall O'Meadhra


I suppose it is not the same problem but my experience might help to throw some light on your issue.
I had a problem with the voice settings with the new RC of NVDA in which I chose "Realtek Digital Output" as the output device. This worked for a while and then went silent and refused to speak when I booted the computer. I reset the output device to "Speakers (Realtek High Definition" and NVDA started speaking again and has not stopped since!

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Um there should be a log generated.

look at nvda old .log and send us all lines below nvda initialised.

If there is a traceback which there undoubtedly is it should show up here if it was at all logged.

On 6/02/2020 3:35 am, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

When I boot the computer, NVDA 2019.3 RC 2 seems to lock up or
unload. This issue did not occur in any previous version of NVDA
either stable or beta. I hear NVDA start and then it stops speaking.
I wait a minute or so and press some reading keys--such as insert + T
for title. With no speech, if I press the hotkey to start NVDA, it
starts. Is anyone else seeing this issue?

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