Re: Chrome, Firefox and thunderbird missing after NVDA upgrade to current release

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Dennis

Out of curiosity were they older versions of those browsers? or were they the latest ones?

As in very old.

I have seen it on my computer where I might  of had a old version of some programs and after a windows update they disappeared it seemed they were not compatible with the new version of windows.

The only fix was to grab the latest copies of them and  install them and it has not done it since.

I have seen icons disappear off the desk top after a major upgrade as well it seemed the only fix was to reinstall them to your pc I have had it not happen to me but have read about it  on some computers.

Gene nz

Gene nz

On 7/02/2020 1:43 am, Dennis Clark wrote:
Hello everyone,
Approximately 2 weeks ago I installed Windows 10 and the NVDA beta 2 on the 2 computers that my wife and I use. Windows 10 was a full fresh install, not an upgrade. Since then NVDA beta has been updated a couple of times, and has been working well. Today I let NVDA automatically install the current non beta release 2019.3rc3. I suspect that there is no connection, but a few hours after NVDA updated, my wife noticed that the links on her desktop for Firefox, Chrome, and Thunderbird no longer worked. When selected, the error states something to the effect that the referenced file could not be found. I then looked on her C drive in the Program files and program files x86 folders to find the programs manually, and they are no longer present. I doubt that this had anything to do with the NVDA update and is simply coincidence, but  I'm at a loss though to figure out what happened to the installed programs. Please share your ideas as to what you think may be going on here. The C drive is a solid state drive, and perhaps it is becoming defective? The second computer which has identical hardware and software and NVDA updates is working well. Thanks in advance for your help.

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