Re: NVDA and Bandcamp.

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I beliebe that not is problem of Firefox, is problem of the accessibility of the site. Firefox now have an accessibility properties inspector, a developer cam use this tool for check the accessibility.

First, check the accessibility with test with users and developers.


El 06/02/2020 a las 14:40, Gene escribió:
You may never know.  Things change, something may have changed in how the browser works and it may be a technical change that would require a lot of technical knowledge about the browser to explain the cause, far beyond the knowledge of list members.  Having said that, I have yet to look at the site with the latest version of Firefox.  I'll look on my Windows 7 machine later today.  But out of curiosity, I looked at it with a quite old version of Firefox.  I found that there is a play/pause button and that, if I down arrow once, there is another button.  Pressing the space bar on this button starts play.  So go to the play pause button and down arrow once or twice.  Do you see the second button?
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Which Edge, the one that comes with Windows or the new chrome version? I
have the one that comes with Windows. I could install Chrome I guess, or
use Edge. But considering that Firefox works with everything else, I
don't see why I should have to install/use another browser just for this
one site.

I mean, if that's what I have to do, I will. I'm just saying, I'd like
to know why it doesn't work before I do that, because I can't see any
reason why it shouldn't work. It worked before after all. Thanks for
checking, I'm happy that there's a solution. It just bothers me to throw
up my hands and go, that thing doesn't work, better use something else,
when I can't see why the thing doesn't work. If for instance Edge and
Chrome supported audio playback and Firefox didn't for some reason, OK,
there you go, you have to use another browser. I'm off to check Edge,
seriously, thanks! Huh! I guess it's the new chrome version of Edge,
because I couldn't get it to work with the Edge in 1909 at all. So yeah.
I'd really like to avoid installing a totally new browser for one single
site, if I can help it.

On 2/6/2020 12:35, George McCoy wrote:
> John,
> Unfortunately, we now live in an age where one browser just doesn't
> fit all sites.
> Do you have any other browsers available?
> I can't click the play/pause button with the latest firefox either,
> but I can click it with google chrome, Microsoft Edge and brave.
> George
> On 2/6/2020 11:49 AM, John Isige wrote:
>> I know I've asked about this before, but since I just got another
>> thing I want to check out and can't, here goes again.
>> I'm using latest Firefox, 72.0.2, and NVDA 2019.2.1. What I used to
>> do to make things play on Bandcamp was get to the play button, hit
>> NVDA-numpad-slash, and then numpad-slash to play. That doesn't work
>> anymore. Here's the thing I'm trying to check out.
>> If anybody knows/figures out a way to get these tracks to play, I'd
>> really appreciate knowing about it. I used to check stuff out all the
>> time and I can't now. It's really frustrating, especially in a case
>> like this where the albums are only going to be available for a month
>> and then disappear. I can't figure out if I want to buy them or not
>> if I can't hear them.

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