Re: Windows defender marking NVDA a trojan



Really, is this another thing we report to microsoft, or do I just exclude all the nvda program directories and settings directories like I do with all the blindness software which aparently are trogens because microsoft says so <sigh>

Seriously, we need to address this either by excluding things or something.

Else I can see a day where I will just have to run without antivirus software on all my computers that use nvda and thats just dumb.

But I guess  its being safe and secure or accessible.

Maybe I will temperarilly set nvda to sapi when I install and upgrade it.

Espeak ng version I am using now is not a virus so it must do with the version we are using in the full version.

For the time being I suggest we include the old espeak ng that is running in 19.2.1 and leave it like that and tell microsoft to fix their stuff.

Bgt I can understand, but come on now, screen reader software?

And people wander why I don't invest in good security software.

I'm going to keep a copy of 19.2.1 about when I set things up till I can exclude all the folders I need so I don't have this problem.

Seriously, can someone please try to fix this before the release?

Seriously without the sarchasm in here, this needs to get fixed as soon as possible else we may as well not bother releasing till it is.

I allready can't really run malwarebytes because my computer is so full of false trogens I may as well not bother with any security.

Its a good thing I don't need to.

We almost need a list of software that shouldn't be scanned.

Thats actually bad but I see no real way to solve any of these things.

On 7/02/2020 8:33 pm, Artin Dekker wrote:

eSpeak NG was indeed blocked on my computer, while I had already installed NVDA. I suddenly had no more speech and had to switch to the sapi 5 version of eSpeak. after I allowed eSpeak NG in defender, everything worked again.

Kind regards,
Artin Dekker

Op 7-2-2020 om 05:13 schreef Quentin Christensen:
Hi folks,

It was NVDARemote the other week, now it seems it's our turn for Microsoft's random unfounded accusations.  If you try to install the release candidate of NVDA 2019.3, Windows Defender will alert you it has found a trojan in eSpeak NG and blocked it.  The install of NVDA will fail.

As a workaround for now, you can create a portable copy of the RC and that should run fine.  You won't be able to use eSpeak NG.

NVDA 2019.2.1 installs and runs fine, even using eSpeak NG (it uses a different build of eSpeak NG).

I am not sure whether this affects Windows 7 users as well.  I have reported it to Microsoft but I would encourage everyone else to as well.  To be honest, even aside from it being our program affected, this really annoys me.  Defender has NOT found a trojan in eSpeak, its heuristic (machine learning) has guessed that it looks a bit suspicious and flagged it - Ok that happens, but say that, don't say absolutely that a known malicious software has been found.

It took a day or so to fix Defender's virus list and have NVDARemote cleared, so I expect it will probably be within about the same timeline this time around.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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