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David Griffith

Dear Pele

This is slightly odd as, unless I am misunderstanding you, I can get this information from NVDA easily in 2 ways.
Firstly as George say - turn on tool tips and the properties of each file are read for me automatically as I move to each file.
To do this I think however you need to be in detailed view in Windows Explorer- I have not checked other views but it certainly works in detailed view.

The second method, if I don't want tools tip turned on all the time is to use the right arrow key to read each field of the detailed view as it moves across the file properties.

Is this not what is happening for you?
This is on Windows 10 19.9 with NVDA 19.3 RC3

David Griffith


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Hi George

Thanks. However I already have Report Tool Tips ticked.


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