Re: NVDA and my bank's website.


Hello again.

It appears to be Google's fault. After creating a portable copy of NVDA Beta 3 and calling my bank to inform them I would be logging in and out several times, I performed several test using the beta 3 and RC3 versions of NVDA. 
First was the control test. Logging in with Chrome and RC3 worked as it did yesterday. 
Logging in with Chrome and Beta 3 also functioned in the same manner as RC3. Voila! NVDA was not the culprit.
It was time to see if Firefox would produce favorable results. In September, when paired with NVDA 2019.2, it behaved as Chrome is behaving now.
An updated Firefox plus NVDA Beta 3 worked as Beta 3 and Chrome had done before my time away from the PC. 
This was also true for Firefox and RC3. 
The last thing I did was to see when Chrome last updated. It was two days ago. Although the update is "rolling out", I must have been one of the first to get it. Selecting About Chrome shows me I am up to date. 

Forgive me for not thoroughly checking things out. 


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