Re: NVDA navigation problems


I don't know why you are seeing the behaviors you describe.  If you were not in NVDA and the NVDA key were stuck, pressing n would open the NVDA menu.  Then, if you tried to down arrow through it, the NVDA menu wouldn't do anything.  If the NVDA key were stuck, then typing numbers on the main keyboard would change settings such as NVDA 1, toggle input help on and off, number 2 toggle speak typed characters on and off. 
Have you checked to see if the behavior you are describing is connected at all with NVDA?  Have you unloaded it and tested with another screen-reader? 

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It doesn't seem like that is the case, because it seems to me that a stuck NVDA key would cause more problems than just that, but I will try to change the NVDA key to caps lock or something and see if anything changes. Thanks.

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