Re: NVDA and my bank's website.


Suzy, Arlene here. I too use a Credit Union site. I don’t know about your  credit Union.  These Credit Union bank websites are very secure.  I’ve had the same issue not being able to login I used Jaws to do it. Then again tried with the latest version of NVDA. The problem ironed itself out. I was using google Chrome to do this when I first got this windows ten system.  Do you have IE?  You can try it.Sorry I forgot to tell you it was the early version of NVDA the 19 version when it was first out.   


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Thank you for the replies.
Sarah, running as administrator did not change anything.
Quinton, I will try your suggestion today and report back.
Off list, it was suggested I mention the bank I use. It is a credit union local to my area -- Weokie Credit Union.

Thanks again.


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