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Looking at it using object navigation and speech, the information appears to be in a line below the file or foldername.  Each piece of information is a different object.  I don't know how you move by object using a Braille display,  Using Speech, I move down to the child window, numpad insert, numpad 2, while I am on the name.  I can then move by object to the right and see all the items.
Of course, I can right arrow and hear the information while on the file name, using the main keyboard arrow keys but you evidently need another way and I would think object navigation can be used.

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From: Pele West
Sent: Friday, February 07, 2020 12:09 PM
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Hi David

Thanks for writing. I am still on Windows 7 but due to upgrade to
Windows 10 shortly.

I can find out the  information using Left and Right Arrow, but I have
not found a way of getting the information to appear across my braille
display. I am using Detail View and have the Tool Tips turned on.


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