Re: NVDA Not Working with CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 19

Arno Schuh

Because I use Cyberlink, too, I support your request for an addon that makes Cyberlink more accessible.
I didn't bought v. 19, yet, but in the older versions some features were available in Cyberlink's context menue. But it would be very helpful if the OSM could be used with NVDA.


Chris <> wrote:

Since PowerDVD Ultra 19 is a popular Windows program for Blu-ray and
DVD video playback, adding compatibility with NVDA would allow
sight-impared users to access and change preferences, perform
functions within a movie or an album, etc.. If there is an NVDA
add-on for this program, please let me know. Since this is my first
post here, I understand it might not make it to the group and needs
time for approval. If I get approved, I'd be happy to post this again
if this post doesn't make it to the group. Ultimately, I hope the
developers of NVDA are reading this and will be able to add support
for CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra version 19 and beyond to NVDA.

Thank you,


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