Re: NVDA Not Working with CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 19


Thats true.

I have had a similar issue with abbyy fine reader 15.

At first they just said it worked with jaws and that was fine but would test it.

It took them over a month to test and find it was their software being bad.

Now its not been fixed yet but its in the cue so its going to appear at some point maybe in the next update in the 15 x series whenever that is.

On 9/02/2020 3:22 am, Brian Vogel wrote:
What any screen reader user needs to understand is that issues of inaccessibility can originate with the screen reader itself, the software you're trying to use it to control, or both.

Your request is not unreasonable, but be aware that it may have nothing to do with NVDA (or any other screen reader) and may have everything to do with something the folks at CyberLink have done (or not done) with PowerDVD Ultra 19.

There are times, of course, where both sides of the equation will have tweaks that must be made.

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