updates on nvda losing control of keys

Sarah k Alawami

I remember some discussions months ago about nvda losing control and you having to restart the computer. Today I had it happen every time I would restart nvda and would be in certain windows. I even had it happen with nvda 19.3. No log was collected for some reason though. I'm running in portable version of nvda 19.3 but it really started in 19.2 where my insert key got stuck, I restarted and right away it happened. And repeat. In fact it got so bad that I managed to shut off nvda and narrator could not be used as even its keys could not be used as I would hit caps lock space and I would hear "not a narrator command." I manage to grab the following log


I dunno what to do here, but this is making me frustrated. It only happens when my system is busy or what not but I have 32 gigs of ram so it should not be happening now twice, once on Friday, and once today. Even happened to a friend of mine using spotify. Friday it was every time I was in a web interface such as discord, anywhere on chrome, my sim and its stuff which is not a web interface, etc. I cannot predict when this will happen, and sometimes a restart of the computer does not fix the issue, as it will start to happen 5 or so minutes after I'm using the computer. I noticed the issue now more with 1909, never ever with 1903 by the way. I did check for updates and all seems well.

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