Re: Serious problems with the latest Windows 10 update


On Sun, Feb 9, 2020 at 01:01 PM, Gene wrote:
One source said that many people aren't affected
And, to me, that's the key point.  So long as that's reported, and the problems that have occurred are accurately reported, it's worth considering.  The problem with most of these sorts of reports is that they omit that the folks affected are, essentially, outliers on the bell curve and, though the root cause is not yet known, it's most likely something idiosyncratic about their systems, not Windows itself.   Truly "bad updates" cause issues for the majority, if not all, users.  When that occurs, you can be assured that Microsoft has messed up; when it doesn't, and it's a very small number among the embedded base, you can almost (not absolutely, but almost) be assured it's not Microsoft that's messed up.   Having been in this business as long as I have, and doing repair as my main line of work, I have seen time and again systems that have not had even the slightest bit of care and maintenance become houses of cards that, eventually, will collapse because of that, not because there was anything at all wrong with the "card" that finally triggered the collapse.

With regard to Ms. Komando, it's her exaggerations in particular, which are characteristic of most of her reporting, that I find particularly troubling.  She makes mountains out of molehills with shocking regularity.  That serves no one, I find.

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