Re: Serious problems with the latest Windows 10 update


&, of course, while sound isn't absolutely critical for the majority
of users, it is beyond essential for those who rely on a screen
reader. & if you're blind & 1 of the small minority of users affected,
you're nonetheless hugetime screwed. Problem is, you can't generally
turn off these updates. Best you can do is perhaps stave it off until
another one comes down the pike. Since no one at this juncture seems
to know what causes some machines to experience difficulties & not
others, caution might be the wisest course until the issue is

It's for this very reason that I always try to keep a USB audio device
around, in hopes that if sound goes kaflooy for the internal audio
device, maybe an external 1 won't be affected.

On 2/9/20, Gene <> wrote:
I wouldn't take a chance on this update, based on information in this

Here is a quote:

It’s now become apparent that the Windows 10 KB4532695 update has also
introduced other serious problems, with Windows Latest reporting that users
are complaining that as soon as they’ve installed the update, the sound
stops working on their PC.
According to Windows Latest, one user on Microsoft’s community forum
complained that “I installed the update Saturday afternoon and immediately
the sound stopped working,” with Windows 10 now not recognising their
Not only is that incredibly annoying, but, rather worryingly, it seems the
problem didn’t go away once the user uninstalled the update - and it even
persisted after they performed a full reinstall

I don't think that problems that are widespread enough to receive the degree
of attention this update has can be blamed, for the most part on user
neglect or error. True, this article says for some users. How many is
that? I would imagine in beta testing, many bugs affect a minority of
users, but they are real and are fixed.

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I checked the article with two other sources and they both stated the same
things with additional information. One source said that many people aren't
affected but for those who are affected, there are a wide variety of
possible problems and loss of audio is one. I wouldn't be surprised if a
USB sound card would work but why take chances on that or a large number of
other possible bugs occurring?

Regarding Kim Komando's accuracy, I find oversimplifications and
exaggerations at times, but I find most information to be either accurate or
reasonably so.

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From: Brian Vogel
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Serious problems with the latest Windows 10 update

Gene is correct that this is an optional update and it does not install
unless you activate the Download and install link on the Windows Update

I have also found that Kim Komando is far from the most reliable source on
anything Windows related. She's wrong as much, or more, as she's right, so
consider the source.

Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 1909, Build 18363

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