Re: Serious problems with the latest Windows 10 update


Hmmm some of the updates just apply I have also heard the same issue from issues with sound to connection.

I have noticed the network being slower issue at times, however at the same time its actually improved my network performance in the fact that before the update, my laptop would start then wait 5 minutes to connect to the net on my realtech card, and now when it starts its like 10 seconds.

As for it failing like that, little a blind person can actually do by themselves bar reinstalling from scratch.

I have not had that issue just yet and hope I never do.

It mustn't be on every computer because none of my systems have it.

Then again how trustworthy is the commando site since I have heard reports from some places saying it aint that trustworthy.

On 9/02/2020 11:41 pm, Gene wrote:
I'm posting this message here because it appears to be something very important for Windows 10 users to know.
Here we go again.  Another bad Windows update.  This article says you can solve the problems it causes by uninstalling the update but if it disables your sound, for blind users this could be far more trouble than for a sighted user.  The article doesn't say whether USB sound cards might work.  I hope so. 
I've said before that I think people should wait for two or three days before installing Windows updates to see if they are safe.  Here is one more reason why.

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