Re: Serious problems with the latest Windows 10 update


Hmmm well it must be intermittant.

After searching the official channels, there are a couple articles on this if I search for it, not much good for us blind people other than a reformat however a user with the issue said that after reformatting and reinstalling still got the same result, it does start me wandering about things.

I usually update things when they come out, the critical ones will do after a bit anyway.

This is probably going to lead people to disable windows update completely or even worse not update to win10 and just use 7 or xp or something.

This doesn't improve any of microsofts reputation any.

We have the insider program but it doesn't seem to have worked this time.

I never had this issue and neither do my friends and family so it must be a few different configurations.

Its good it aint a critical update but still.

On 9/02/2020 11:48 pm, Gene wrote:
I've done a little more checking and this is an optional update, so it won't automatically install. 

From: Gene
Sent: Sunday, February 09, 2020 4:41 AM
Subject: Serious problems with the latest Windows 10 update

I'm posting this message here because it appears to be something very important for Windows 10 users to know.
Here we go again.  Another bad Windows update.  This article says you can solve the problems it causes by uninstalling the update but if it disables your sound, for blind users this could be far more trouble than for a sighted user.  The article doesn't say whether USB sound cards might work.  I hope so. 
I've said before that I think people should wait for two or three days before installing Windows updates to see if they are safe.  Here is one more reason why.

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