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Cearbhall O'Meadhra



Thanks for this really comprehensive explanation!


The control+alt+number etc. are very useful and do meet the present need.


I tried the alt+shift+left arrow and this keeps the same heading 2 but changes the outline level  of heading2. Does this confuse the order of the headings?


I am trying to see what the Style Inspector and the style Manager are used for. I can see that the show or “hide until used” are set under the “recommended” tab in the properties of each style.


The styles only show up in my “Apply styles” window when they are actually assigned in the document.


I’ll do a bit more experimenting and get back when I have a better understanding of how all this works.


Thanks for getting me started!



All the best,




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Hi Cearbhall,


Firstly, if you just want to set the current style to Heading 2, you can use the keystroke of control+alt+2.  You can also use control+alt+1 for Heading 1 and control+alt+3 for heading 3.  Shortcut keys for Heading 4 and downward aren't set, however you could if you wanted.  You can however, select text and press alt+shift+right arrow to go down one heading level or alt+shift+left arrow to go up one heading level.


Now back to the Apply Styles toolbar you are using.  When you press control+shift+s in Word, it opens the Apply Styles toolbar.  The focus starts in the "Style name" edit (which is actually a combo box - you can either type in here or use the arrows to select existing styles).


The currently selected style in the style name edit SHOULD be whatever the style of the current text is, so if you move to text that is in the heading 2 style, that's what should be selected.


Generally I've found that works fine, although interestingly, in testing this for you this morning, I found several times that the style name edit is originally blank.  It seems to do this whether NVDA is running or not - perhaps a recent minor update to Office has changed something or something is going weird on this system (it works fine on my other Windows 10 / Office 2016 system) - it didn't do that when I wrote the styles section in Word with NVDA module.


As a workaround if it happens to do the same for you, the "Styles" toolbar, which is accessed by control+alt+shift+s (the same as apply styles but with the alt included as well), seems to read fine although you need to press F6 to get to it.  As an added bonus however, you can bring up the context menu for say, heading 2, and select all text in your document of that style (the kind of thing on the one hand you might never use, but if you need it, you'd find really handy).


Kind regards




On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 9:29 AM, Cearbhall O'Meadhra <cearbhall.omeadhra@...> wrote:



I am trying to select heading2 styles in Word 2016. Do you know how to be sure that this style is present in the style selector after pressing control+shift+s with NVDA?



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