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Gerardo Corripio

I don’t plan to update mine, until the Vocalizer bug is squashed. Apart from the upgrade to Python, I don’t see any significant changes so as to go ahead and update, though the curiosity is there of course!

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El 10 feb 2020, a la(s) 6:21 a.m., zahra <nasrinkhaksar3@...> escribió:

hi quentin.
i am very glad about this news!
while the best version for me as i always mentioned is 2017.2, but i
became very delighted to hear the news and wanted to appreciate you as
i never forget praying for you, God bless you and His infinite mercy i
pray for you!

On 2/10/20, Quentin Christensen <quentin@...> wrote:
Hi everyone,

NV Access is very pleased to present the long awaited next installment of
the world's most popular screen reader: NVDA 2019.3!

NVDA 2019.3 is a very significant release containing many under-the-hood
changes including the upgrade of Python 2 to Python 3, and a major re-write
of NVDA’s speech subsystem. Although these changes do break compatibility
with older NVDA add-ons, the upgrade to Python 3 is necessary for security,
and the changes to speech allow for some exciting innovations in the near

Other highlights in this release include 64 bit support for Java VMs,
Screen Curtain and Focus Highlight functionality, support for more braille
displays and a new Braille viewer, and many many other bug fixes.

Please note, after updating any software, it is a good idea to restart the
computer. Restart by going to the Shutdown dialog, selecting “restart” and
pressing ENTER. Updating software can change files which are in use. This
can lead to instability and strange behaviour which is resolved by
rebooting. This is the first thing to try if you do notice anything odd
after updating.

To read the full release, and download NVDA, please see the announcement

Kind regards


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

NVDA 2019.3 rc2 now available for testing:

User group:
Twitter: @NVAccess <>

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