Donation Too nerve wracking

David Griffith

This may be  just a personal problem with my skills but I have avoided regular donating, as was my   previous practice with the last couple of NVDA  updates because of difficulties with the NVDA Donation page.

Today guilt took over as I downloaded the latest update to 19.3 and decided to bite the bullet and  try and donate again.

I am afraid that yet again the experience was yet again a bit nerve wracking.

For me the personal problem is that the default donations the page tries to funnel me towards are far too expensive for me. These high default options especially on a regular basis provide some anxiety.


Even  the other amount  field is unhelpfully filled with a $200 amount which I inadvertently nearly processed with my PayPal and was only then able to rescue from my one touch PayPal page with a rapid page closure.

Rattled I then tried to enter a measly $10 as a safe test amount only to realise that this time I was about to commit $10200 to NVDA Access.


In the end I  was able to retrieve the situation and only donate $10 which is less than I would normally donate but was based on my profound nervousness with the page.

It just seems to me that this page should be easy for everybody to use , no matter what their skill level, a simple safe process for people to donate whatever amount they feel comfortable in doing.


I am sure that most people , certainly on this list, will not share these problems and deny any difficulties but I wonder how true this is for generalised NVDA users across the globe.


This funnelling of people toward larger default payments may be worth it in the larger scheme  it generates more income I suppose but it does seem odd to me and has acted as a disincentive to donate personally.


David Griffith









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