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Do you have problems with forms in general?  Do you have problems finding content on web pages in general?  such problems might be very helpful to discuss and such discussion might lead you to considerably more comfortable and more Internet use. 
However, such discussion should be done on the chat list. 
For now, and because this description might help others who wish to donate and also help with other forms, I'll describe how to work with this part of the form.  It is somewhat long but I hope those who have problems with forms read it.  it may be of important benefit when filling out forms in general.
These are all radio buttons.  It is standard in Windows screen-readers working on web pages to select the radio button you want with the space bar.  On an unfamiliar form, you shouldn’t assume anything.  You should down arrow, not tab, through the form in browse mode.  this is important because there is often information telling you something such as the format to use when writing information such as a date in an edit field. 
You must also pay attention to the order in which information is presented as you move down the page when dealing with things where there is a control and a description not on the same line.  for example, starting at the top of that part of the form, you see that the radio button is presented first, then below that, the amount.  You need to start at the top of the part of the form where the radio buttons are to find this out.  On another form, it might be text first, then radio button.  On some forms, when you move to the radio button, the text will be read automatically.  Starting at the top, and down arrowing three or four times, you will see that the pattern is radio button then on the next line the amount the radio button is for. 
I selected other since that is what you want.
There is one problem with the form.  it should be stated, before the form, that after you select the amount you want to donate or select other, when you follow the download button, a page will come up where you can enter your donation information. 
But the form uses standard controls and if you have trouble with this form, you may have trouble with many other forms or with places where you use controls to make a choice about something. 
Perhaps there should be a link before the form that says something like, if you have trouble filling out this form, follow this link for instructions.  Given the various levels of knowledge those who download NVDA have, that might save people a lot of trouble and it might increase the number of people who donate.  I'll write the instructions, if desired.
I'll end by saying that on familiar forms, you can take shortcuts such as tabbing.  But I advise against taking shortcuts on unfamiliar forms even if they look straightforward when you tab. 
Don't assume that there is nothing relevant such as text between fields you miss by tabbing.  In this form, for example, there is text between sections such as one off donation and monthly donation.  You won't see it if you tab.  obviously, you need to know whether you are making a one time donation or a monthly one. 
In his form, the order is first one time donations, then monthly donations.  So those who used the first set of radio buttons have made a one time contribution. 
Sighted people see everything in a form.  Why put yourself at a disadvantage by taking shortcuts?
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Sent: Monday, February 10, 2020 10:13 AM
Subject: [nvda] Donation Too nerve wracking

This may be  just a personal problem with my skills but I have avoided regular donating, as was my   previous practice with the last couple of NVDA  updates because of difficulties with the NVDA Donation page.

Today guilt took over as I downloaded the latest update to 19.3 and decided to bite the bullet and  try and donate again.

I am afraid that yet again the experience was yet again a bit nerve wracking.

For me the personal problem is that the default donations the page tries to funnel me towards are far too expensive for me. These high default options especially on a regular basis provide some anxiety.


Even  the other amount  field is unhelpfully filled with a $200 amount which I inadvertently nearly processed with my PayPal and was only then able to rescue from my one touch PayPal page with a rapid page closure.

Rattled I then tried to enter a measly $10 as a safe test amount only to realise that this time I was about to commit $10200 to NVDA Access.


In the end I  was able to retrieve the situation and only donate $10 which is less than I would normally donate but was based on my profound nervousness with the page.

It just seems to me that this page should be easy for everybody to use , no matter what their skill level, a simple safe process for people to donate whatever amount they feel comfortable in doing.


I am sure that most people , certainly on this list, will not share these problems and deny any difficulties but I wonder how true this is for generalised NVDA users across the globe.


This funnelling of people toward larger default payments may be worth it in the larger scheme  it generates more income I suppose but it does seem odd to me and has acted as a disincentive to donate personally.


David Griffith









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