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Subject: [nvda] OE Classic 3.1 gets more accessibility fixes.

The below is from their accessibility email list. No, I have no clue how to join it. I was added. For those who hate Thunderbird, this may be a good alternative but understand that the free version does not support IMAP or profiles yet.

Before I paste the email, here's the website. Check it out. Send them bugs and questions.

In the latest release of OE Classic 3.1, released today (10th February 2020), we've added the support for standard Message dialogs which are now fully screen-reader accessible. The dialogs use standard buttons and standard way of displaying messages which is easily readable to any screen-reader. The dialog we're describing are the ones such as "are you sure" type of dialogs. For example, when you right click the empty deleted items folder option one such dialog will show up.

To have this support there are some requirements though:

  • you must run at least Windows Vista or newer (Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 work well, and Windows 10 works best regarding this)

  • Theme support must be enabled on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. (so in other words, Windows must be using at least Windows Basic or Windows Aero theme). On Windows 10 this is not a problem, because the themes from Windows 8 and earlier are removed - Windows 10 has always theme support enabled so message dialogs in OE Classic will be always the standard Windows ones which are accessible. The requirement to have theme support enabled on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 will be removed in one of the updates when we switch to newer compiler than the one we currently use. But this is not much of a problem. Windows 7 usually is already set to one of the above mentioned themes by default, and for Windows 10 this is not a problem at all, since it has this always enabled.

  • Windows XP cannot be supported unfortunately. It doesn't support the required programming interface needed to add this. If you use that version, OE Classic will revert to the older dialogs which are not accessible. We have some ideas how to support even this, but it will require some compromises which we are only ready to take when the popularity of Windows XP is below 1% (currently about 2%).

In addition to all the above, we're also working on adding accessibility support for the list views (message list, contact list, folder list) which is currently the biggest known thing to be missing. We have made some progress regarding that in discovering why it doesn't work but there is still work to be done. We will notify you about this separately. There are also a few other windows which haven't been localized and as such adjusted for accessibility, and that will be done in time too, but these windows are rare in the current version (it is the updates window and send/receive window for example). With all of that we're approaching the goal of reaching 100% accessibility.

If you have suggestions, other than the ones which are already listed, we're always looking forward to those. If you have already made a suggestion, rest assured it is already in our queue to be implemented so there is no need to suggest it again.

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