Re: will the add on updater update them?

David Ingram

f the nativeaccess application will get better in terms of accessibility when used with nvda? I ask this question because i'm trying to see if will fully support nativeaccess to help improve accessibility and see if certain keystrokes e will work as an example when while using nvda together with nativeaccess I find that when I try to perform a scan command by using insert+ the number 2 key nothing happens and when I use insert+r to perform a scan nothing is recognized. I don't know whether i'm using the correct keystrokes concerning this but I thaught that I would let you know about it maybe you might have some insight on this that i'm missing.

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As soon as Dropbox add-on is declared stable, it’ll show up via Add-on Updater.




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About the Dropbox addon, you can download the compatible version here:


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Hi list 2019.3 is now on my computer I have several add ons that won’t work with the new version.  I’m aware of remote not working yet but will the dropbox and the skype and teamtalk add ons be updated soon?  I don’t want to remove the old ones to make sure new updates come in.  are there any timelines for these to be updated.  Also I didn’t quite see what is different in speech in the new version other than the different espeak engine.  What has changed there? 


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