Re: Alternatives to quickly change between voices and/or synths?

Ralf Kefferpuetz

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Sent: Montag, 10. Februar 2020 19:54
Subject: [nvda] Alternatives to quickly change between voices and/or synths?


I’ve always with NVDA, because I’m dulingual, have used the Switch Synth AddOn, which isn’t yet compatible with NVDA 2019.3, for via a keystroke switching be using Vocalizer, or ViaVoice, switch quickly between the English or Spanish voice. I tried setting up a profile that’d allow me to do this, but it doesn’t work as I’d like it to, for instance 1 for ViaVoice LatinAmerican Spanish, 2 for American English etc; like I have it set it up with SwitchSynth now. What alternative do you guys have, and will they make the SwitchSynth AddOn compatible? If I do update to the latest NVDA, I plan to continue using (hopefully it’s compatible with the latest version) Synth ring settings selector, however what I don’t like about this one is that when in ViaVoice, you switch to American english, the speed is the same as in the Latin American Spanish; I’d like to have it a little bit slower for English than Spanish. Thanks for any info you guys might have on this matter.


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