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Adriani Botez

This problem does not exist in nvda 2019.3 so the addon is obsolete.


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Am 10.02.2020 um 22:09 schrieb Gary <>:

I don't know if anyone uses ConsoleTimer by Derek riemer
(, but I'm assuming it's
dead based on the fact that I couldn't even find it in the official
addons web site for NVDA. Does anyone know the status of this addon
or if there is an alternative? Here's what it does:

"When using command lines over ssh, usually, there's network lag. This
lag is expected, however, the way NVDA handles cursor movement is not
friendly with lag in terminals, because this operation is a
synchrinous opperation. This causes NVDA to wrongly report the wrong
letter when moving to another letter with the arrow keys. For example,
if the user is on the p of grep, and they press right arrow, they may
hear "t" instead of space. This is due to NVDA not waiting long enough
to actually properly handle this cursor movement. This addon was
written because I do lots of server administration, and I wanted
cursor navigation to work.
TLDR usage instructions
When in a console, if NVDA is missing or repeating letters as you move
around, simply press nvda+shift+pageup to teach it to be more patient,
or if it is too laggy, press nvda+shift+page down to teach it to be
less patient. This addon will have no affect outside terminals, and
the patience changes by .01 for every keypress.
How to make this work with custom terminals"


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