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On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 04:43 PM, Jackie wrote:
Precisely, especially for a *donation* page. That is the sort of thing you wanna make easy peezy lemon squeezy.
The problem is that even what's considered easy changes.  I am now completely accustomed to paying for things by PayPal where I have to leave a page to step through the PayPal process then come back.  If a donation to NVDA doesn't actually automatically redirect back to NVAccess right into the download flow where you were, that is an implementation problem that must (or at least should, if you're smart) be fixed.

But a great deal of what was offered in the message that started this topic also clearly indicates user error.  And any time this is the case, unless the user in question is willing to acknowledge that as part of the solution you're essentially stymied no matter what you do.

I participate on many technology forums, and I see time and again gross user errors that the subject matter experts promptly identify as such, and generally without "judgment" other than it is a user error.  Many seem to take this as a personal affront rather than recognizing we all can and do make mistakes and when someone identifies that this is occurring, and that you had ought to try {insert instructions here}, that should be met with gratitude, not resistance nor throwing accusations at those trying to assist.

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