Re: Problem with NVDA 19.3 and Outlook 2010

hurrikennyandopo ...


There has been another lady on another list with the same version you have also say the same thing.

To help NVACCESS catch these problems could you do the following.

Under the general settings in nvda set log in level to debug then apply your settings.

This should hopefully catch what is happening.

next restart nvda then go into out look and get it to try and reproduce the problem and what you have to do to make it do it please write into a email and paste the log into it.

Once you reproduced the problem in debug mode, then save the log. Save it to your desk top so it is easy to find.

The log can be found under tools then view log. there is a short cut for it but can not remember what it is at present.

Actually it is the nvda key + F1 key to bring it up then save it to the desk top then either paste into a email to nvaccess or you can do a ticket but if you do not have a account you will have to make one then fill in the fields to make a ticket at The basics of making a ticket for NVACCESS,If and when you discover a bug in NVDA, you can create a ticket and have it looked into. For a written tutorial on the basics of making a ticket for NVACCESS please visit the following link The basics of making a ticket for NVACCESS

Actually I pointed you to wards a page on my website that gives you a idea of what to do first and from there is a link to where you can do one.

If you have quentins email you might be able to send it to him and the steps to reproduce the problem along with the attachment

Gene nz


On 11/02/2020 12:19 pm, Sky Mundell wrote:

Hello list. I found a problem with NVDA 2019.3. When I open up outlook and I use my down arrow key, Nvda doesn’t speak the list of messages, but when I alt tab out of the inbox, and I alt tab back into the inbox, everything works. What could be causing this? This doesn’t happen in NVDA 2019.2.1.

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