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One thing I haven't examined yet fully, but which I think is the case from what I looked at, is that if someone tabs through the radio buttons, which they shouldn't do on an unfamiliar form, only the radio button will be announced and not the associated text.  Someone who knows how to work with forms well won't find this a problem but a lot of blind people don't know how to work with forms well.  If this were changed, it would make it easier for those who aren't good at filling out forms. 
That still doesn't tell people if they are in the one time donation or the recurring donation part of the form.  The only way I can see as I think about it now, though there may be others, is to have the form divided with links telling people what they will be working with. 
In other words, at the start of the form, a link would say something like click here to make a one time donation.  On the line below, there would be a link that says click here to make a monthly donation.
As things are now, these parts of the form are on the same page with text telling people where they are.  But a lot of blind people tab through a form or through most of it.  That is, I believe, the result of poor instruction or of people just picking things up as they go. 
The form designers need to decide if they want to help people learn to use forms with instructions and keeping the form as it is, or if they want to make the form useable by people who just tab through everything.
Earlier, I said that the form should not be dumbed down.  But on reflection, I'll say that it depends on what the designers want to do, to educate in that context or make something so easy to use that it takes nothing but tabbing.

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Please explain how the form is badly designed. It can't be simpler.

You need to select what type of donation you want. Either you have a set of radio buttons on the Download page, or a set of buttons on the donate page.

On 2/10/2020 2:46 PM, James Bentley wrote:

I’m not certain as to who is saying the phrase, “kiss of death” but I agree.


It took me well over a year to finally finally set up a small monthly donation to NVDA.  I wonder how many dollars are not getting where they need to go because of a combination of persons with less PC skills and apparently, a web designer or, at least the form designer also having less skills.


We need NVDA to grow world wide so more persons will have free access to NVDA.


I use Jaws and Narrator too but, NVDA needs to prosper.  I hope some one will fix this unnecessary complicated process.




James B

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On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 04:34 PM, Jackie wrote:

The problem is that too many, I think assume a lack of skill, when at least part of the problem may indeed be due to implementation.

And, in this case, it seems to be a combination of both, which is often the absolute kiss of death.

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