Re: nvda 2019.3 vocalizer, and remote support

Ibrahim Abedrabbo

Sorry Rui,
I downloaded the vocalizer add on you recommended in your link and re-downloaded the voices I need and installed all of them, but it did not help. This time I did not get a message that they are not compatible, but I got no speech at all. How do I remove the installation activation of the vocalizer so that I can reuse it? I do not want to lose one activation trying and failing.
I now reinstalled NVDA 2019.2 and everything is working normal.
Where can I find the instruction on how to remove the activation and restore it in another installation?


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You can get a NVDA 2019.3.1 compatible version at:

It still have one or two problems, but we are taking care of them...

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Às 13:26 de 10/02/2020, David Mehler escreveu:

I just updated to nvda 2019.3 and a bunch of my addons which wouldn't
update just broke/disabled. One of them is my nuance vocalizer drivers
and synth. I'm not seeing anything on on this.
Another is nvda remote support. Does this addon have a 2019.3
compatible version? I just checked and stable
looks like it isn't, actually i'm not seeing a download for that at

Suggestions welcome.


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