Bad compatibility nvda 2019.3 with sound cards Realtek

Anastasia Perevozniuk

Hello, dear subscribers!
I have a few users in the new version of nvda 2019.3 noticed the trouble: the program responds slowly when moving in the conductor between files, pausing when reading any text in those places where pauses shouldn't be. Also with the new nvda has become impossible to read web pages - between all the elements of web pages, nvda pauses that impede the perception. The problem is evident both in installation and in portable version of nvda, as it is not dependent on the speech synthesizer, it happens with any of them. We are faced with this problem, found in our situations one thing in common: we have installed a sound card from Realtek, and the model maps fairly new. As long as we stay on the last stable version of nvda 2019.2.1, but we understand that this is a temporary solution and it cannot go on forever, because this version will soon cease to support a Supplement.
Can you please tell how to solve the compatibility issue with nvda 2019.3 with sound cards Realtek? If you are now ready solutions yet, respectfully ask the developers to pay attention to this problem and possibly solve it.
Thank you for your attention and help!
With respect and best regards Anastasia, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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