Re: how to disable announcing of battery charging/not charging


Not that I know of but if your laptop keeps doing this all the time you probably have more issues than just nvda.

My first suspician is a faulty battery or power pack.

Some laptop support programs have a checker for this stuff and it should work.

In the case of hp anyway.

I'd go and take your unit back to the place you got it and ask them to check the battery and powerpack, it may be as little as a powerpack or at most cable which may or may not cost to much.

A battery may cost a bit more and if its an internal a bit more if out of warrenty.

If its not that, it could be a short in your power box, an electronically protected box a good power hub can cost 30 dollars but still thats not bad.

You could have issues with your power or you could have issues with the laptop itself.

I'd firstly try to get the latest bios if you don't have that and drivers.

There is a possibility it could just be windows or software but I'd take the system back to the shop and let them look at it, just make sure you back everything up first.

Its unlikely it is actually windows, and is most likely hardware or an actual issue.

Of course it could be an issue, if you have something else which you can have plugged in when that happens and see if it goes off well you will know.

If not try unplugging something if its using to much in the board.

On the other hand if its just ahppening all the time then you may actually have an issue.

On 12/02/2020 9:32 am, Samuel Kacer wrote:

my laptop seems to be going a bit haywire. Every couple seconds the battery goes from charging to not charging and back again. NVDA announcing this each time is extremely annoying.

I tried checking NVDA settings, but couldn't find anything. Is it possible to disable NVDA automatically announcing when battery starts/stops charging?

Much appreciated,

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