Re: A solution for read subtitles with NVDA, the program Pot Player

JM Casey

Yes, I've been meaning to give this a try.
I would like to read the subtitles on a braille display rather than listen to them.
Have you had success with this?

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Subject: [nvda] A solution for read subtitles with NVDA, the program Pot Player

Is hard read subtitles in real time with NVDA because the subtitles are text on an image, and the OCR not can refresh automatically.
But the program Pot Player have a solution. Pot Player is a player for Windows of audio and video. This player support many formats, and also can an very good option for the screen readers: In the preferences, category accessibility, the program have an option that display the subtitles how Window Titles.
The web site of the program is:

Note: By default, the contextual menu not is accessible, but this problem have a solution. Open the preferences dialog with f5, and in the category themes, with tab search the combo box contextual menu and select system default.
When the option in the category accessibility for the subtitles is enabled, NVDA can read subtitles from a separate file (for example *.rts or *.txt) with the option open a subtitle of this player.

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