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Hi Geen


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll test it. As far as your tutorial on Word goes, I’d appreciate it if you can send me a copy. You can mail it to my personal mailing address, Christo.vorster@...


Thanks again


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Hi Christo


I have the same version of microsoft word. I also tried the same sequence for word 2010, but not the earlier version.

I can confirm what you said for the 2010 version. some times it works and other times it does not. It seems to be on how quick or slow I do it wheather it wants to do it or not.


the word around that seem to work is a couple of extra steps.


Press the ALT key + letter N, then H. This will land you on a bland header. Shift tab a couple of times until you get to the part where it says edit the header then press the enter key make your changes then press enter key then the escape key. Doing it this way I can edit the header and change it if I want to .


I am learning my self how to do it so have been putting together a basic tutorial on using the basics of word and putting in a header and footer and editing them is part of it.


Hopefully the above helps.


I did not try it with a master snapshot it might of been fixed in that?:?


Gene nz




On 2/08/2016 5:22 PM, Christo Vorster wrote:

Hi Group


We are using Office 2010 with NVDA 2016.2.1 for training at our college.


We have a problem with editing a header in MS Word. If you press the Office 2010 sequence, ALT, N, H, E, NVDA falls silent. It refuses to speak even after you pressed escape. If you make use of the 2003 sequence, ALT+V, H, there is no problem.


Could someone please assist us?


Thank you and regards


Christo Vorster (Worcester, South Africa)



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